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Meet Our Team



Gerard S. Trimboli

Founder & Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Trimboli is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer at American Auctions, Liquidations, Appraisals, Inc., a global leader in asset management, live & timed/online auctions, commercial collections and professional valuation services for the surplus equipment, inventory, and real estate marketplace. Decades ago at American’s time of inception, we focused on auctions, liquidations, and appraisal services for small business to Fortune 500 companies. 

After establishing a strong regional presence, Mr. Trimboli recognized the opportunity to become a national full spectrum provider to institutions and agencies of total asset recovery and liquidation options, and began expanding both the scope of business services as well as the geographical footprint.

Today, as CEO, Mr. Trimboli has overall responsibility for the corporate strategy and performance for the business, which has operations domestically and internationally. Mr. Trimboli and his management team have been dedicated to ensuring that American builds on its global leadership position, by delivering exceptional services and products to customers worldwide. Today, American has a national as well as international network of buyers and sellers and a comprehensive recovery, remarketing and auction capability. It serves hundreds of institutional as well as private clients, including several Fortune 500 Companies located across the country.

In addition, under Mr. Trimboli’s visionary leadership, American has expanded the Company’s capabilities even further by launching the company’s comprehensive technology platform that allows for timed/online auctions. With this enhancement, American is now able to provide a level of speed, transparency and professionalism that will revolutionize the re-marketing and auction industries.

Mr. Trimboli is a licensed auctioneer and certified appraiser who attended the Missouri Auction School and the Certified Appraisers Guild of America and has personally conducted 1,000’s of public, private and bankruptcy auctions and appraisals worldwide. Mr. Trimboli’s 30+ years of experience in the Auction Industry has enabled him to craft a firm that provides its clients with the most professional service producing them stellar results. In addition, Mr. Trimboli provides expert witness testimony for various courts in various fields, and he is deeply involved in local and regional philanthropic work.

Mr. Trimboli served on the Board of Directors for The Center for Developmental Disabilities in Woodbury, NY. He also donates his auctioneering skills to several local and national charities on a yearly basis. 

Mr. Trimboli is an avid helicopter pilot for the past 20+ years and enjoys flying in his free time. 

Daniel Farenga

Asset Management Consultant

Mr. Farenga currently heads American’s asset recovery and remarketing arm, directing and coordinating all resources required to recover and re-marketing client assets.  Mr. Farenga has 30+ years of experience in the credit collections and remarketing arena. Mr. Farenga began his career in the mid 70s primarily focused on collections, and ran an office of 26 full time collections personnel out of Chicago. Subsequent to that, Mr. Farenga became the national credit collections manager for a Large national beauty supply company headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

From there Mr. Farenga became the Credit & Collections manager for a major leasing company that had nationally distributed portfolio of assets that required recovery and re-marketing on a steady and constant basis. In 1991, Mr. Farenga decided to join forces with American to expand its product offering and establish a national recovery and re-marketing operation.

To date, under Mr. Farenga and Mr. Trimboli’s direction, American has established hundreds of institutional, private and governmental clients who utilize their national recovery capability, and unparalleled re-marketing services.

Nicole Morgan

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Morgan is an upbeat and enthusiastic team-player who joins us from a large well known publicly traded company. With 20+ years experience in corporate American, Mrs. Morgan has had the responsibility of independently managing and growing multi-million dollar businesses.

In her role as Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Morgan’s duties include assisting American’s executive staff with contracts, meetings, schedules, and negotiated sales, as well as customer service and relations.

We at American Auctions, Liquidators, Appraisals, Inc. are very pleased to have Mrs. Morgan as a team member and we are confident you will find her service to be stellar.

Ashley Bautista

Administrative Assistant

 Ms. Bautista is an ambitious and motivational team-player. Ms. Bautista has
a degree in computer security. She is bilingual in English & Spanish.
  Ms. Bautista has 7+ years’ experience in customer service.  She identifies customers’ needs and delivers effective solutions to problems.

In her role as Administrative Assistant, Ms. Bautista duties include assisting American’s executive staff with contracts, meetings, schedules, and negotiated sales, as well as customer service and relations.

We at American Auctions, Liquidations, Appraisals, Inc. are very pleased to have Ms. Bautista as a team member and we are confident you will find her service to be stellar.

Justin B. Trimboli

Auction Consultant & Real Estate Sales

Mr. Trimboli is an encouraged and determined team-player.  Mr. Trimboli has a degree in business and marketing. He has a passion for efficiency and organization. Mr. Trimboli is excited to bring his skills and knowledge to the role as an Auction Consultant and in Real Estate transactions. With a strong foundation in business management and a keen eye for detail, Mr. Trimboli is dedicated to supporting the smooth operation of our business and exceeding to it’s success. 

In his roles as an Auction Consultant and Real Estate Sales, Mr. Trimboli duties include assisting clients achieve their negotiated sales, sales goals, and valuation. Also, assisting in American’s staff with pre auction setups, auction day, post-sale removal, marketing of sales, and all phases of real estate transactions.

 Mr. Trimboli provides stellar customer service and we are pleased to have his added value to our growing team. 

We at American Auctions, Liquidations, Appraisals, Inc. are very pleased to have Mr. Trimboli as a team member and we are confident you will find his service to be stellar.


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