We have for sale (1) 2014 Used Mindray M-7 Advanced Portable Ultrasound: 

Location: Utah

We have for sale (1) 2014 Used Mindray M-7 Advanced Portable Ultrasound: 

Location: Utah
Mindray M7 Advanced Portable Ultrasound Machine- 15" LCD Monitor, 1 probe port, Backlit keyboard, HPRF, THI, PhaseInversion, iBeam™ Spatial compound imaging, iClear™ AdaptiveSpeckle Suppression Imaging, iTouch™ Intelligent ImageOptimization, iZoom™ Automatically expand the image to full screen, Beam Steering, Tissue Doppler Imaging, PW, CW hardware module, Real-time 3D (Need 4CD4 Transducer) MBP, FTO, AVI, Station patient management system, Removable battery with 1.5 hour run-time, 160 GB hard drive (200k still images), 2 USB ports, DVI port and S-video port, Travel Case Serial Number: NW-31002751 1 62,900.00 62,900.00T Mindray Stress Echo Software PackageSerial Number: INSTALLED 1 0.00T Mindray M7 Anatomical MMode (115--003496-00) Free Xros, Anatomical M mode Serial Number: INSTALLED 1 0.00T 115-003504-00 IMT, Carotid intima-media thickness measurementand analysis Serial Number: INSTALLED 1 0.00T DICOM Basic: Including DICOM storage, print, storage commitment and media storage Serial Number: INSTALLED Mindray DICOM OB/GYN S/R Serial Number: INSTALLED 1 0.00TDICOM VAS S/R: Structure report for for vascular examination Serial Number: INSTALLED 1 0.00T Mindray C5-2s (2-5 MHz Transducer for M7/M5) 0 0.00T Mindray L14-6Ns for M7 Serial Number: PCG43004307 1 0.00TMindray V10-4s Endocavity Transducer FBW: 4-10 MHz, FP: 10mm Serial Number: NDQ35005750 1 0.00T Mindray P4-2s Cardiac (2-4 MHz) TransducerSerial Number: NYA430067121 0.00T (115-003486-00) IOM-21, iDock (I/O Extended Module) Provides connectivity for system with USB, ECG, Serial, Audio Out L/R,Mic In, Remote control, Composite Video out, DVI-I Out port. Serial Number: NWA3C031130 1 0.00T Mindray M7-ECG-21(115-003490-00), ECG Module (AHA), Only can be applied with IOM-21 configured Serial Number: NWB42032825 1 0.00T Digital Sony UPD897 Black and White printerSerial Number: 320279 Mindray M7-DVD (2108-30-66139), External DVD-RW

The Mindray M7 portable ultrasound system has gained a reputation not only as one of Mindray's most reliable and powerful portable ultrasound machine, but as one of the best on the market. It is versatile, compact, and is capable of providing ultrasound images for a wide array of applications. The M7 is equipped with some powerful image enhancing technology that few other systems are able to replicate, especially not in the pristine clarity that the M7 can achieve.This portable ultrasound machine is engineered brilliantly, with many important and crucial technologies required for accurate diagnosis, image quality enhancement, and versatility. Some of these features include THI (Tissue Harmonic Imaging), iClear (Speckle Reduction), iBeam ( Compound Imaging) and even 3D and Live 3D (or 4D) imaging. Color doppler option enhances both general and vascular application images and diagnosis as well.

The M7 portable ultrasound machine is also engineered to look elegant, sleek and aesthetically attractive. Weighing approximately 10 pounds, with a sophisticated white and silver gleaming cover, this unit is a thing of beauty. It is also compatible with a rolling cart - making this machine employable either as a compact portable unit or a stationary one. One can utilize this ultrasound machine in emergency scenarios, such as in ambulances or emergency rooms, or in more secure settings; doctor offices or imaging centers for example.

Ultrasound Features and Specificities: 

  • Color Doppler
  • Tissue Harmonic Imaging
  • iClear Speckle Reduction
  • iBeam Compound Imaging
  • 2D Imaging
  • 3D Imaging
  • Live 3D / 4D imaging
  • 10 Lbs
Ultrasound Applications: 

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