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Brand New Electrical Fixture Inventory

Brand New Electrical Fixture Inventory

Brand New Electrical Fixture Inventory

(75)H.E.WilliamsWarehouse LED LightEGL2-4-L250/850-HIAFR-(2)SSV/PWU-DIM-BD-UNV (8 have no box)

(12) H.E.WilliamsWarehouse LED Light2TLX4 72L FW A19 EZ1 LP850

(9)H.E.WilliamsWarehouse LED Light96-8-L130/850

(36)Leviton IntenseRecessed Light FixtureRP41500358

(24)Eaton4 ft. LED Surface Mount Light4SNLED-LD4-48SL-UNV-L835-CD1-U

(24)Eaton4 ft. LED Lens4SNLED-LENS-LW-4FT-U

(20)XeleumAthena Wireless LED Stairwell LightXS

(10)PeerlessPanel LightVMMRA 90CRI 40K 5000LM DARK

(6)Barn Light Co.Cord Hung LightBLE-C-CATENARY-WHS18-PC

(24)Barn Light Co.Cord Hung LightBLE-C-DBW10-PC-200 "G"
(48)(generic)1/2 inch cord hung mounting kit

(8)SolaisRecessed Light FixtureX11-WH

(9)H.E.Williams4 ft. LED97-4-L79/850-FR-DIM-B-D-UNV

(80)H.E.WilliamsSuface Mount LED96-8WWC(822914-3)LED-1*L56W4)49.150(4)23

(24)Leviton IntenseReflector LightIC430HZ

(5)Oracle4ft LED Ceiling Light4-OC1-LED-4000L-DIM10-MVOLT-50K-85

(5)Leviton IntenseDownlightMXG2DRTR-NCLZD1015

(16)Leviton IntenseImpression DownlightL-DRTR-NCL335D10V-60

(1)Loren CookKitchen Exhaust Gravity HoodSPECIAL G1 18X32G1 ALUM

(2)Loren CookSquare Inline Fan150SQN

(1)Loren CookSquare Inline Fan180SQN1

(2)Loren CookSquare Inline Fan300SQN2

(1)Loren CookKitchen Supply Fan200 KSP-B1

(1)CaptiveAireKitchen Make Up Air Supply with HeaterMHE CH Area (MUA-10),VB-1-0ZMDF1

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